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We cannot forget to mention the wonderful clear blue sea that is the pride of Torre Melissa. Since 2012 Torre Melissa has always been awarded the Blue Flag – a recognition conferred by the Foundation for Environmental Education to European coastal resorts whose bathing waters, beaches and services meet the necessary quality standards. Since April 2016 Torre Melissa has also been awarded the Green Flag, which makes the town an ideal holiday destination for adults and children alike.
When you stay in Torre Melissa, the first thing to do is to go along the seafront – under renewal since 2015. This coastal stretch has been valorized with completely new paving, a new lighting system embellished with path marker lighting, specially adapted paths to the beach for the disabled, and various items of outdoor furnishings. On the coast you can walk along the Via delle Palme, with the typical palm trees giving this walk its name, and the characteristic stretch of cobblestones. Walking on this path you can see the Aragonese Tower (Torre Aragonese), also called "Torre Merlata" or "Torrazzo". During the day or night you can also stop for a while in Piazza Padre Pio, a meeting place for the local community, particularly during the summer season. This square sees many events and religious festivals, making it a real centre full of life.


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Torre Melissa

Torre Aragonese

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Torre Melissa

Chiesa di Maria SS. del Monte del Carmelo

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Discover more about our land! See the photo gallery!

area giorchi per bambini - p.za padre pio
bandiera blu
chiesa maria ss del monte del carmelo
chiesa parrocchiale del santissimo crocifisso
inizio del lungomare
interno della chiesa maria ss del monte del carmelo
la pesca a Melissa
lungomare di melissa
parco giochi piazza padre pio
piazza padre pio
riva di melissa
scogliera di melissa
spiaggia di melissa
statua - p.za padre pio
vista del parco - p.za padre pio
vista della piazza - p.za padre pio
vista fronte lungomare

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