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Would you like to keep up to date on news and events of Melissa?
Find out the most important events and festivals of Borgo and Torre Melissa thanks to the calendar with all the fixtures not to be missed.

17 -19


Palio da Ruga

17-18 -19 March. The Palio da Ruga is organized by the cultural association Amici del Palio da Ruga and is under the patronage of the Municipality of Melissa: it has become one of the most popular events in the province of Crotone. The event involves over 150 figurants including damsels, knights, priors and ruganti (the Palio contenders) and is fundamental in recalling old traditions; it is also a driving force for the promotion of the area and a moment of faith towards the wooden statue of Saint Joseph, housed in the side niche of the Church of Saint Mary of Mount Carmel. The first evening starts with a parade and a joust between the ruganti, while the final evening ends with a procession of the saint whose statue is carried on the shoulders of the winning ruganti of the Palio, which symbolizes the old and majestic Aragonese Tower in miniature, on the top of which is a picture depicting Saint Joseph.


Pink Night

The last Saturday of July. This event has become increasingly popular over the years and sees the participation of all the businesses and shops along the Via Nazionale, which stay open, all festively decorated, until late night. You can find folklore groups and street bands in various points along the route. You can also walk into the stands of local associations and see local foods and drinks as well as handicrafts.


Festival of Saint Francis of Paola

1st weekend in August. The Festival of Saint Francis of Paola is the most heartfelt by the Melissa townsfolk. The religious event is held in the first week of August in the streets of the town. Every year the festival is a fundamentally important event; offers of all kinds are sent by the people, even by those now living abroad, always devoted to the saint. The festivities are divided into religious ones, with three days dedicated to processions, and secular ones linked to today’s world, with concerts by brass bands and more modern music groups. At the end of these feast days, the president of the committee lists the names and amount of offers received in order to thank the active participation of the town of Melissa.



Madonna of Carmel

9 -10-11 August. The Madonna of Carmel is venerated in the village of Torre Melissa in homage to her for the protection of the small fishing village during the bombings of World War II. The statue of the Madonna is carried in procession first along the streets decorated with lights and then the procession goes to sea accompanied by the fishermen’s boats lit up for the occasion. The day of 11 August ends with a spectacular firework and music show on the seafront. During the three-day festival, at 7 am on the first morning some mortar shots announce the beginning of festivities and the brass band delights the morning by parading and playing along the streets of the town.



Chalices under the Stars

10 August. The national event “Chalices under the Stars”, established by the association “Terre del Vino” of which the Municipality of Melissa is a member, is held every year on the night of 10 August on the seafront of Torre Melissa. The event has been given a territorial feature in order to promote the culture of the flavors which distinguish our land. Hence, the event “Chalices of Stars – Ionic flavor”, which offers the townsfolk and many tourists of this locality not just full bodied red wines and lively white wines of the wine cellars of the area, but also all the taste of an ancient tradition, the creativity of craft workers and of some painters who set up an exhibition and paint art works on the spot in the suggestive backdrop of the Torre Melissa seafront.


Terremoto di Vino (Motoraduno Nazionale)

October. “Terremoto di Vino” (“wine/divine quake”) is a motorcycle gathering organized by bikers of Torre Melissa every year. The great success of the event is guaranteed by the high turnout of enthusiasts, members and non-members alike, who take over the streets of Torre Melissa and beyond with the “roar” of their bikes and their “joy de vivre”. It is a unique event in the province of Crotone, made possible thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of the members concerned.

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